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To reach the highest level of Excellence and Professionalism in the Construction Industry in PAKISTAN

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One Stop Solution for all your Home Construction Needs


We build world-class quality, fully customized homes on residential plots in Pakistan. We have in-house teams for architectural design, construction, approvals, procurement, etc. Our way of working is completely different from the other local Construction Companies in Pakistan. We work with total transparency, strictly comply with all legal requirements and use only branded, standardized materials for construction. We promise to build beautiful homes which are centered around your needs which reflect your personality.

High-Rise Residential & Commercial Building


Construction begins with planning, designing and knowing what you need. Arham & Company undertakes both residential and commercial constructions. It requires utmost skill and knowledge to create that space for you. We do not compromise on quality, skill or technical expertise. Arham & Company ensures that our clients have a smile on their faces, when they talk about their homes and offices! Fencing to Turnkey projects Arham & Company is flexible to handle your small requirements too. From pavements to steel structures, you name it, and we will do it for you. Arham & Company also undertake partly done and maintenance works and completing it to perfection.

Industrial Building


Arham & Company provides design build services for our industrial clients. We meet with our customers and develop a working relationship to provide them with the best improvements, additions or new facilities. We become the Owner’s construction expert and management all aspects of design and construction so you can be busy running your facility. We work with the Owner to hire designers that best meet the needs of your project, establish and agreed upon budget and design the facility to that budget. We oversee the construction so that your new improvements have a minimal impact on your daily operations. We provide building additions, press foundations, office improvements, overhead cranes, exterior improvements and new manufacturing lines.

Road and Infrastructure Construction


Infrastructure construction and civil engineering companies build large buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, road networks, ports, railways, and aqueducts. There are a number of segments within the infrastructure and construction industry, ranging from homebuilders to companies who support massive government-funded projects. This overview is focused on the companies involved in the largest projects, which take years to build and can remain in service for decades..



Arham & Company with its slogan "Creation Simplifid" puts strong emphasis in building a long-term Customer relationship by focusing on a proactive approach on deliverables that matters like Quality, Timely completion, Safety & Professional attention.



We celebrates the past and builds for the future, looking to the past for guidance and to the future for challenge, opportunity, and growth.


about our customer's resources and assist to plan for staying in the budget


for quality, innovation in construction services, safety, and community spirit.


is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building which we offer you as well.


We see engineering not as a science but as an art from.